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Globe Police Department accepts applications on a continuous basis for several positions. Click on the links below for information specific to the recruitment for that position:



Recruitment Periods

Recruitment for all positions is on-going. Applicants who are successful in the initial stages of the application process will be placed on a hiring eligibility list that will remain in effect for a minimum of 6 months. This system allows us to be able to fill positions more quickly, as they come available. To be placed on the hiring eligibility list, you must successfully complete the initial application process as outlined for the position you are applying for.


The City

The City of Globe has an interesting and colorful history. It was founded as a mining town in 1876 and has been continuously incorporated since 1907. It is located 87 miles east of Phoenix area and 106 miles north of Tucson. Located at the foot of the Pinal Mountains, at an elevation of 3500 feet, it is more temperate than cities located in the Phoenix basin. Its climate is fairly ideal year-round, being cooler than the Valley in the summer and warmer than the high country in winter.

The city of Globe acts as the County Seat of Gila County. It primary industries are mining and ranching. With a population of approximately 7500, it has a small town feel, where everyone seemingly knows everyone else. 


The Department

 The Police Department for the City of Globe is a 24/7 operation that cosists of the Office of the Chief, the Administrative Services Division, and the Operations Division. The Administrative Services Division consists of those employees involved in Records management and Police Dispatch Communications. The Operations Division consists of sworn officers and supervisors assigned to Patrol, Criminal Investigations, and Animal Control.