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City of Globe Response to: 
Governor Ducey’s “Stay in Place”: Executive Order 2020-18

To Mitigate Impact of COVID-19



(Globe AZ, March 31, 2020) On March 30, 2020, Governor Ducey issued executive Order 2020-18 ordering people to “limit their time away from their residency” in order to slow the spread of COVID-19. The Governor’s goal is to promote social distancing, limit social gatherings, and reduce non-essential travel. 


This Executive Order has created confusion in the Globe/Southern Gila County region. Residents of Globe should understand that this is not a lockdown or a curfew for residents. Businesses that are deemed essential, like grocery stores and pharmacies, are unaffected. Non-essential businesses are allowed to continue to function as long as they do not have direct contact with customers.  


There are four key exceptions that allow residents to leave their homes: 


1.     You can leave your home to participate in Essential Activities such as:

a.     Shopping for groceries and other important supplies for your family

b.     Seeking medical assistance for yourself, or to assist a family member, or friend 

c.     Participating in outdoor activities while maintaining a safe distance from others

d.     Engaging in constitutional activities like freedom of speech or religion

2.     You can leave your home if your employment:

a.     Is related to providing Essential Functions such as healthcare, government, or utilities (see full list of Essential Functions below) 

b.     Is with an Essential Business such as a grocery store, bank, or restaurant providing take-out (see full list of Essential Businesses below)

3.     You can leave your home to: 

a.     Do business with any of the listed Essential Business, like a grocery or hardware store  

b.     Seek services from an Essential Function like healthcare or government services 

4.     You can leave your home to work in your Non-Essential Business if the business is not open to the public and you do not have direct contact with customers


Globe Business owners who operate an Essential Business, employees who work in an Essential Business, or perform Essential Functions will see no change. 


Globe business owners who are unsure if they operate an Essential Business are welcome to contact the City of Globe Economic Development Director, Linda Oddonetto at (928) 961-3382 and seek assistance in determining your status.


All individuals should maintain contact with your individual employers to determine your status and how this Executive Order impacts you.  


The City of Globe highly encourages all residents to voluntarily comply with Governor Ducey’s “Stay in Place” order. The City of Globe believes that our residents understand the importance of this and will do their best to support these community goals. In extreme cases, flagrant violators will be addressed.   


The goal of the City of Globe is to support our residents and businesses during these challenging times. We offer this information as our best understanding of the Governor’s order based on the information we have today. Please continue to seek additional information as it becomes available and make your best judgment based on the totality of information, the source of the information, and with consideration of the well-being of your family and community.


Attachment: City of Globe List of Essential Services and Essential Businesses




Paul Jepson

City Manager

City of Globe




Linda Oddonetto 

Economic Development Director 

City of Globe




Inital Statement from the City of Globe March 30, 2020 regarding Governor Ducey's "Stay at Home" Order

Today, Governor Ducey issued a “stay at home” order asking all Arizonans to “limit your time away from your residence”. But, there ARE exceptions, meaning you are allowed to leave your home to participate in Essential Services. 


After Tuesday at 5 pm:  

  • You can still go to the Grocery stores (essential services), and they will be open 
  • All healthcare facilities will be open, and you can go to your doctors and hospital because they are essential services   
  • Restaurants are considered essential and will continue to serve takeout or drive through food 
  • Pharmacy and hardware stores are also essential services and will remain open as normal 
  • All public safety, utilities, and government agencies will continue to function as essential services 


This is not a lock-down. The Governor is hoping to limit the impact of the COVID-19 virus by asking people to limit their social gatherings and travel. The Governor's order is to ask people to eliminate non-essential travel from their home. 


People can still leave their home for these open Essential Services: 

  • Healthcare and Health & Human Services 
  • Church and Non-Profit Services 
  • Grocery Stores such as Walmart, Safeway Fry’s, CVS, and all Dollar Stores 
  • Any Restaurants and Fast Food locations   
  • Globe Parks and Hiking Trails will remain open 
  • Gas Stations, Auto Parts and Repair Services 
  • Banks, Laundromats, Hardware stores
  • Hair and Nail Salons
  • Insurance Agents, Attorneys, and Accountants
  • Motels


These services are permitted to remain open and there is no need to over buy because they will STILL be allowed to be open after Tuesday  



The City of Globe will be producing an information page to better explain the differences of what is essential and what is not. For now, understand that your daily life in Globe this Wednesday, April 1st, will not be much different than this past weekend. 

Announcment by the Globe City Council of the Passing of Mayor Terry Wheeler  


City of Globe Response to the COVID-19 “Coronavirus”
Update March 27, 2020 


First Case of COVID-19 Announced in Gila County


(Globe AZ, March 27, 2020) Gila County Health Department issued a Press Release announcing the first confirmed case of COVID -19 (Coronavirus). With a confirmed case, all of Gila County will know fall under the jurisdiction of the restrictions imposed by Governor Ducey’s Executive Order 2020-09. Starting March 28, all Bars, Gyms, Indoor Fitness Centers, and on-site dining at restaurants in Gila County must be closed. Note: Mayor Gameros has already ordered Bars and On-Site Dining closed in the City of Globe. The Governors Executive Order 2020-09 supersedes the Mayors order and applies to all areas of the County.  


Gila County COVID-19  Information Updates 


If You Need Help! 

If you've lost your job due to the coronavirus pandemic, you can apply for benefits at www.azui.com or by calling 602-542-5954 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Business owners struggling to make ends meet amid the crisis got a small lifeline Thursday from the U.S. Small Business Administration, which is offering "economic injury disaster loans" of as much as $2 million to companies across the state.

To apply for the SBA loans online at disasterloan.sba.gov/ela, by calling 800-659-2955 or by emailing disastercustomerservice@sba.gov. Individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing should call 800-877-8339.

For More Information Go To: 211arizona.org  



City of Globe Response

The City of Globe is actively following developments surrounding the coronavirus outbreak in order to minimize the impact to our community and residents. The city is following recommended precautions issued by the public health agencies including staying informed of public health information, disseminating verified and accurate information, coordinating with local and state health authorities along with other regional communities and non-profit organizations, and creating additional strategies and contingency plans. The city is also encouraging staff to take additional hygiene precautions, and to stay home if they are ill.


  • Open: Currently City Hall, Water Office, and the City Court will remain open for business. Residents are encouraged to utilize our online water bill payment at https://www.xpressbillpay.com/#/, or our parking lot drop off.
  • Closed: In order to better protect at-risk populations and advance the concept of social distancing in order to slow the rates of infection, the City of Globe has made the decision to close the following facilities beginning Monday, March 16:
    • The Active Adult Center will be closed until March 30th. Meals on Wheels will continue operations. Seniors and/or caregivers may also call the Globe Active Adult Center at 928-425-9030 for more information on additional lunch resources available for seniors. 
    • The Globe Library will be closed until March 30th. Library patrons may call the Globe Library at 928-425-6111 for more information about available online library services. We will also be distributing free USDA lunches for all kids under 18 from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm.
    • The Besh Ba Gowah Museum building will be closed until April 1st. The Gates to the park will be open Monday through Friday and visitors may tour the park at no charge. 
  • All City parks and hiking trails will remain open and residents are encouraged to follow all precautionary guidelines including avoid crowds, reduce person to person contact, and staying home if you do not feel well. 
  • Globe Unified School District will also offer free lunches for kids at all GUSD location. See the GUSD website for more information


It is important to take the following precautions to prevent the spread of infection:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly or use an alcohol-based (at least 60 percent alcohol) hand sanitizer often. If you cannot find hand sanitizer, there are easy recipes online. 
  • Do not touch your hands to your face, nose or eyes with unwashed hands.
  • Cover coughs and sneezes with tissues or in the elbow.
  • Consider not shaking hands with people or offering fist bumps instead.
  • Maintain you distance from other individuals.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Wipe off hard surfaces at work and home with bleach wipes, alcohol wipes or household cleaning solutions suitable for killing germs. 
  • If you are sick, do not go to work or public spaces.
  • If you think you have a fever, please contact your primary care physician rather than calling 9-1-1.  
  • Follow and adhere to CDC directions.


Health Organization Links regarding COVID-19




List of Statewide Responses and Closures 

More Information on Social Distancing 


Public Hearing Notices:

     Public Hearing regarding Alternative Expenditure Limitation (Home Rule)

     Public Hearing regarding Annexation - See You Monday

Public Service Announcements:  

Globe Fire Department explains that aerial luminaries in any form are not permitted within City of Globe limits

Planning and Zoning Commission - Board Application


City of Globe Code Changes by Ordinance:


Fee Notice:

Important Links:

Interactive Maps:

Curb Side Recycling Option 

The City of Globe would like to announce that Recyclops.com is offering curb side recycling to all residents of the Globe/Miami area! Recyclops will offer twice a month home pick up at a cost of $10 a month. Once Recyclops has 150 pre-signups, recycling will begin. Pick up will be made by local venders and billing will be through the Recyclopse.com website. This service is offered by Recyclops.com and is not affiliated with the City of Globe. The City of Globe City Council would like to make sure all residents are aware of alternative recycling options as they become available.  For more information on Recyclops go to www.Recyclops.com/Globe, email info@recyclops.com, or call 801-709-1509.

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