District 5 Councilwoman Charlene Giles


Charlene Giles is married to Steven Giles. They have one son and one grandson. She is the owner of Tailwaggers Dog Grooming Salon. Charlene has owned properties in Globe for years, moving here fulltime in 2012.
She served as an elected township trustee in her former community back in Ohio. Charlene was the Chairman of the Board of Township Trustees of the Jefferson Rescue District and Chair of the Planning and zoning Commission. She brings the experience of a small town, and is hands on and involved council member.  Charlene enjoys meeting with the various city departments and you may frequently see her driving around not just District 5, but the whole City of Globe checking out the many issues and concerns of the citizens.

Charlene sits on the Clean and Beautiful Committee, Old Dominion Mine Park Committee, Cobre Valley Center for the Arts and is active with the High Desert Humane Society.


1. Road repairs in our community are a top priority
2. Globe needs a viable, thriving downtown area to continue to expand upon the tourist opportunities we have with Besh Ba Gowah, Roosevelt Lake, the Tonto National Monument, our antique and specialty shops and he greatest Mexican food restaurants in the state!  We have a lot to offer tourists!
3. The city of Globe needs to find a way to increase revenue to pay our ever-expanding bills without raising rates and taxes!

Charlene is always willing to speak with residents about the city and any of their concerns.

Her contact information is below.

Map of District 5

Name: Charlene Giles
facebook: Charlene Giles or Tailwaggers, Globe
Cell: 928-487-4005