Globe Public Works Department

Primary Mission of the Department

Public Works Staff

Public works manages, maintains, and improves the City infrastructure of streets, water production and distribution system, wastewater treatment and collection system, vehicle fleet, sanitation system, cemetery, parks and recreation facilities as per the City Council's direction and policies.

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Key Services Provided by the Department

Public Works street repair

For a more detailed description of the different divisions within this department use the following links.


All Sources of Funds for the Department

Broad Streetscape planting

  • General Fund Revenue
  • Highway Users Revenue
  • Water Utility Revenue
  • Sewer Revenue
  • State and Federal Grants
  • Bond Issue Revenue


Removal & cleaning road and walkways for safety within the city limits. This is to include trim, prune, remove dead trees, brush, weeding and debris. Removing all hazards if possible on sidewalks roadways and elsewhere in and around the city. Clean the work area by use of weed eater, chain saws, raking, sweeping, and using a blower to remove chip brush, and one-ton dump trucks. Brush crew works as floggers on street projects.

There are three brush maintenance workers under the direction of one supervisor.

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Building Maintenance

Make periodic inspections of assigned facilities to determine condition; diagnoses problems and initiates necessary action; plans and schedules routine maintenance; establishes work priorities; issues work orders; performs complex repair. The required duties may include painting, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, masonry, cement work, heating, welding, roofing, and related work on all city owned buildings.

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The cemetery is maintained by one employee who’s duties include operation of bobcat, grave layout and burial site preparation, setting markers; maintenance of graves for safety purposes; irrigation repair work, to ensure proper water control, tree care. As well as mowing; trimming; flower removal; cleaning around gravesite locations assisting with special event set ups, and remove unwanted materials and any other maintenance of the cemetery grounds.


Can I buy a family plot?
You must call City Hall at 928-425-7147 Ext 16

You may direct any calls to the above listed number with all cemetery questions.

Engineering Department


Jerry Barnes - City Engineer

The Engineering Department provides technical support to the City departments in the form of engineering advice/analysis, engineering designs, land surveys, inspections, drafting/mapping, infrastructure planning, and construction management on public improvement projects.

It further provides review and inspection of public infrastructure improvement plans associated with private development.

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Fleet Services

Provide maintenance and repair services to all city vehicles. We operate out of one maintenance shop and in the field. There are three shop personnel under the direction of one supervisor.

To meet the City's transportation needs the Maintenance shop is a full service maintenance and repair operation, including:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Automotive/light truck mechanics
  • Police and Fire units
  • Medium and heavy duty truck
  • Off road/heavy equipment
  • Welding

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As of January 1st, 2011 garbage pickup and disposal has been handled by Right Away Disposal (RAD).  RAD has provided each resident and business with both a trash can an recyclable can, these cans will be picked up once a week.  Please refer to both the service days map and list of acceptable recyclable materials listed below for information specific to you.

RAD Service Days Map for the City of Globe

RAD Acceptable Recyclables Flyer


What is the difference between Trash and garbage?

Trash is tree trimmings, brush, appliance, and furniture.
Garbage is household refuse.

Whom do I call for trash pickup?
R.A.D. toll free at 1-855-723-8326

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It is the responsibility of this department to maintain all city streets, including but not limited to,

  • Street repair
  • General maintenance
  • Grating
  • Pavement patching
  • Street sign construction and installation
  • Striping pavement markings
  • Guardrail installation
  • Hauling Roadway Materials
  • Concrete Construction
  • Sidewalk Construction, installation, maintenance, and repair of curbs
  • Fence and gate installation & repair.

City of Phoenix Traffic Barricade Manual

Amendments to the City of Phoenix Traffic Baricade Manuel

For the most current Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devies, please go to:

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Pinal Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility

Wastewater Truck

The wastewater treatment plant is part of a sanitary sewer system that receives domestic wastewater from residential and commercial sources in the City of Globe. There are no significant industrial users connected to the treatment works.

Our operators have complied with the Requirements for Operator Certification in the State of Arizona pursuant to the Arizona Revised Statues, Title 49, Chapter 2, Articles 9 and 10, and Arizona Administrative Code, Title 18, Chapter 5, Article 1. The Arizona Department of Environmental quality has issued certificate of registration as wastewater collections operator, wastewater treatment plant operator, water distribution systems operator, and water treatment plant operators.

Wastewater Van

The WWTP consists of a head works with mechanical bar screen, grit chamber, an extended aeration oxidation ditch with two clarifiers in parallel, five unlined sludge drying beds, gas chlorination and de-chlorination. The facility has added six S.A.M. (submersible aerator mixers) to the oxidation ditch process. The operation processes septic tank sludge and return activated sludge (RAS). The decant water from the sludge is returned to the oxidation ditch. Sludge is disposed in a bermed active bio-solids unit on site. The effluent is discharged into the Pinal Creek/ Salt River Basin as per Environmental Protection Agency and Arizona Department of Environmental Quality standards.

We offer collection systems troubleshooting, locating, and services, [vector control, vacuum, jetting, sewer auger and video].

To report a problem with City Sewer lines please call
(928) 425-7146 Ext. 14 or 15.

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The Water Department within Public Works is charged with the responsibility for producing, storing and delivering over 500,000,000 gallons of safe and secure drinking water to the Globe community each year.

The Department consists of ten staff, with 6 operator/technicians responsible for the repair, replacement and maintenance of the distribution lines and valves as well as the installation of new taps for homes and businesses. There are 3 operator /technicians and 1 mechanic/technician responsible for monitoring and maintaining 6 production wells, 5 primary and remote booster stations, 9 storage reservoirs and all state and federally mandated water quality testing.

Something to think about;

  • Cost of 1,000 gallons of City of Globe Water, $2.38
  • Cost of 1,000 gallons of gasoline, $2600.00
  • Life expectancy without water, 7 days
  • Life expectancy without gasoline, 77 years

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