Finance Department

The Finance Department is responsible for the financial management and planning for the city. This includes establishing and maintaining controls over the city's financial activities as well as providing accurate financial information to all City departments in a timely manner.

The Finance Department coordinates the annual budget and monitors compliance after the budget is adopted by the City Council. The Finance Department is also responsible for payroll, accounts payable, collection of revenues, utility billing, procurement, sales tax compliance programs, debt management and city investments.

The Finance Department is responsible for the maintenance of the cemetery records for the City cemetery.


City and Town Budgets: Your Input Matters!

Every year each of our Arizona cities and towns are required by law to adopt a balanced budget that is open to citizen input and participation.
Every resident can have a voice in deciding what the budget will be spent on and how it will be paid for in the months before it is adopted.



Finance Director
Jeannie Sgroi
Phone: (928)425-7146 Ext. 19

Finance Specialist
Carrie Kittrell
Phone: (928)425-7146 Ext. 11

Budget Documents 


Instructions and Application for Non Profit Funding